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Why Most Facebook Events Are Awful & How Yours Can Be Different

How you approach Facebook events makes all the difference. For my first book, I basically just used the Facebook event as a milestone marker. I didn’t actually intend to do anything “during” the event, I didn’t post any news or

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Love is Complicated

If you decide to write about love, you’re at the slight disadvantage of being in a line that’s five-thousand years long. Thousands of writers have written about love, and now you want to do it too? The competition is enough

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A Story of Love Is a Story of Community

Love is one of the master plots of literature. It’s been a staple in Modern English since the days of Shakespeare, and it’s the stuff of world literature going back to the days of the Sumerians. The story is as

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Why I’m Practically Giving My Book Away

Note: Pre-Order a print edition of The Romance of Eowain now and get a free ebook version today, before they’re available elsewhere! You can pre-order the book at your favorite bookseller and get exclusive bonuses at the book site. Find

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Three Things You Didn’t Know About Book Cover Design

If you’re going to work with a professional book cover designer, you’re going to have to navigate the process and pitfalls of art direction, revision, and negotiation. Professional conduct and etiquette, required. Character Design If your cover design is going

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Eithne Comes to Droma

The Surprises of Love and Romance Note: I’ll be releasing a new book called The Romance of Eowain on 5 July 2016. It’s the continuing story of Hedge King in Winter! Lord Eowain, now Hedge King of Droma, must woo the

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