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Fantasy Art, Book Cover Design, and the Indie Author

In past posts, I’ve spoken on the subject of what many people don’t appreciate about good book cover design. This subject has been a learning curve for me as an indie publisher, despite a publishing career handling the coding end

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Eight Reasons Why Writers Should Use Twitter

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that I have more than 5,000 followers and frequently post throughout the day. How frequently? Every two hours. But I do take a break between 10 pm and 8 am Eastern

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The Excitement Never Ends: Four Secrets to Better Motivation

How does one rekindle that excitement one feels in one’s work? How does one revive one’s motivation? Being a professional writer is about more than just writing. It’s about connecting with readers, sharing one’s work, putting it “out there” for

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Clarity vs. Mystery: More Things You Don’t Know about Book Cover Design

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a bit of an amateur aficionado of book cover design. I grew up on the amazing artwork of fantasy and science-fiction book covers, and I’ve always been fascinated by them: Do they represent something in

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#RoE: In the Garden of the Lady Rathtyen

Note: this is an adapted excerpt from The Romance of Eowain, a forthcoming full-length fantasy adventure novel. Come check out this and all the great books in the Matter of Manred Saga at Newark Comic Con 2016 on August 20!

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The Thirteenth Question with Andy Peloquin

Andy Peloquin—a third culture kid to the core—has loved to read since before he could remember. Sherlock Holmes, the Phantom of the Opera, and Father Brown are just a few of the books that ensnared his imagination as a child.

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The Romance of Eowain is Here (or, Why Book Launches are an Act of Love)

“You’re a total narcissist when you’re launching your books,” a friend once told me when I asked for some book launch advice. Then he went on: “But you have to be.” My friend said these words as it came time to

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The Story I Haven’t Told About My Free Book Offer

You may have heard me mention I have a new book coming out. And you probably heard I’m giving that book away for a limited time. But I left something out. I’ve never been happy with the way my previous books have sold,

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Thunder, And the Sound of Giants

When it comes to writing, publishing, and platform-building, I always advocate what I call “an experimental mindset.” Try something new everyday, and if one must fail, fail quickly and move on, learning from one’s mistakes. With an experimental mindset, any

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Creating An Author Website

With the current incarnation of my blog approaching its first big birthday, I recently took a survey of my readership to better understand who’s following me, how I’ve been doing, and what folks expect of me, now that I’m a

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