Author Spotlight: Christopher Lee

This week, I shine a spotlight on the amazing indie story-teller, Christopher Lee.

Who is Christopher Lee?

Christopher Lee, Indie StorytellerYes, the name is familiar but he’s not Saruman, nor is he Dracula. He’s a somewhat lesser—but no less interesting—version.

Christopher Lee is an author, although he prefers to go by the term storyteller, because that term encompasses far more of the human condition. He’s always been fascinated by the art of storytelling and enchanted by the vastness of human imagination. Whether through books, movies, or the oral tradition, he’s been captivated by the magic. Stories are how he learns, how he grows, and these days, they are what keeps him going.

Life as a Writer

After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado in Film Production, Christopher Lee spent the better part of a decade finding his voice before joining the world of words. He went to school to study storytelling—and learned the craft well—but one day, a professor said something that really stuck with him: “You can’t tell a story about others, about life, or any of the grand philosophical questions, until you’ve lived.”

In other words, his students were all too young to take up the craft, because the craft itself had yet to grow within them. The professor’s philosophy was that one needed to live life before one could really tell others about it.

Christopher took that to heart and put story telling away for many years before it reared its beautiful head once again. It wasn’t until about 2012 that a grand idea started to germinate. And that was when he returned to his study of the storytelling craft.

Now he spends half the day reading, half the day writing. He lives and breathes the craft. If asked, he doesn’t count himself an expert by any means, but believes he is inching closer day by day. “They say patience is a virtue, and so far it’s been worth its weight in gold.”

Interest in Celtic Myth & Legend

Christopher has always had an obsessive fascination with mythology and the amazingly colorful past of humanity.

“As a practicing pagan and practitioner of the craft, the folklore of the Celtic world and in truth that of many other pantheons are a daily staple. So you might say that my relationship with Celtic Myth and the Mythology of humanity are an intimate part of my spiritual life.”

He is often stuck in books that delve into the deepest mysteries of our ancestors. This no doubt is a huge part of his inspiration in writing—and answering—one of life’s biggest questions: Why do we feel so alien, so alone?

“Somewhere along the long line of the human experience we lost something. It’s sometimes called wisdom, sometimes it’s called magic. We lost a crucial part of our soul that links us to this shiny blue rock. Something came along and severed that connection between us and our mother, leaving us feeling alone and disconnected. Alien even. I wanted to go as far back as possible and examine what it was that we or someone else did that severed our relationship with the magical world of mythology.”

Inkshares Campaign

The Lore of the Aos Si, by Christopher Lee. Find it on Inkshares!Christopher’s current Work-in-Progress is called The Lore of the Aos Sí, the first book in an epic fantasy series that will span the ages of mankind. He is currently running an awareness-raising campaign on, a crowd-publishing platform that uses Reader Power to determine what stories get published. So far his campaign has garnered 154 followers, and 63 readers have backed the project. He needs the support of 250 dedicated readers to reach the light publishing goal (which includes publishing both an ebook and a Print on Demand edition). With 750 readers, he qualifies for a full publishing contract. The campaign runs through January 1st of 2017.

The Lore of the Aos Sí transports the reader back through antiquity to the Silver Age, where there is a tenuous peace between mankind and their siblings, the Fae. The young heroes of the novel find themselves plunged into an ancient conflict that will shape the course of history.

Synopsis : It is 3002BCE. Mankind is subject to Fae law. Four young souls will rise as ancient forces continue their age-old feud. As MidSummer’s Eve approaches, one will be chosen to join the sacred Order of the Druids to keep the balance between Man and Fae.

The Lore of the Aos Sí has received over thirty glowing reviews thus far on Inkshares and unlike some novels on Inkshares and on platforms abroad, gives readers access to more than just chapters and excerpts. Readers and backers get to experience the ancient realm of Tír na nÓg first hand with daily updates that dive into the Lore, History, and Mythology of the world. Christopher’s created so much extra content that he’s currently building an essential guide book on Wattpad for his readers.

Will you join the ranks of his Druids and Bards? Support The Lore of the Aos Sí on Inkshares today!

Pre-Order the Lore of the Aos Si by Christopher Lee

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Michael Dellert is an award-winning writer, editor, publishing consultant, and writing coach with a publishing career spanning 18 years. He is currently working as an independent freelancer. He lives in the Greater New York City area.

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Michael Dellert is an award-winning writer, editor, publishing consultant, and writing coach with a publishing career spanning 18 years. He is currently working as an independent freelancer. He lives in the Greater New York City area.
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